In Qonqr, when you upgrade your scope, does that upgrade existing bots?

  • In Qonqr, when you upgrade your scope, does that upgrade existing bots? BlackICE

    In Qonqr, you can purchase upgrades to your "scope", 2 of which add percentages to attack or defense. Does anyone know if, when you purchase one of these upgrades, this causes your existing nanobots to have the new attack/defense properties?

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  • There are 4 ships to upgrade to: Reaper, Rocker, Cruiser, and Hustler. Each has an attack and defense listed, but the website indicates ships are also characterized by speed. Does anyone have these numbers, or at least an ordering?

  • I was on my second Character, and had him at OP8 very early into the first play through. I then completed True Vault Hunter Mode on OP8, I then went to play Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode on OP8 and I was back at LVL72 and could no longer play with my OP8 weapons. So does anyone know why this is happening? Is it a bug? Or is there something I should not have done? What is OP (in case you are confused)? OP8 is a short term for 'Over Powered LVL8' it is part of the new DLC, in which you receive LVL80 gear for your LVL72 character. More information HERE.

  • According to the wiki, normal crates cost level x 400 coins. Depending on your level this could easily be in the thousands to ten thousands range. On the other hand, you can get crates as cargo, occupying a space of 1. Compared to an equivalent piece of cargo, the opportunity cost is in the 10-100 coin range. That's a bargain compared to buying crates. So perhaps when you have a glut of coins it makes sense, but in my experience I've always found ways to spend coins - new railroads, tracks, or special crates - so when does it ever make sense to purchase regular crates?

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  • that affect all elements and may work differently for each element. Since the game currently does not have a description of what these upgrades do for the 'Explosive' element, I am wondering what their effects are for it. The upgrades are the ff: Blast Damage Explosive Deaths (Since the Explosive element already explodes affected enemies upon their deaths - what does this upgrade do..., or will they have a chance of firing explosive bullets?) For the damage, duration and power up upgrades, what increases and how exactly does it increase?

  • At the end of a mission, the mission stats will state how many 'hostiles', and how many 'civilians' you killed. Which NPCs are considered hostiles, and which are considered civilians? Is there any easy way to know if an NPC is considered a hostile or a civilian? Also, does killing a civilian add more to chaos, compared to killing a hostile? Instances where it is unclear whether an NPC is a hostile or a civilian: Thugs at the Distillery, in the House of Pleasure mission (where they don't attack unless provoked) Lord Shaw at the Lady Boyle's Last Party mission He

  • Defense stat when hit by a physical attack and Maranga Berry If held by a Pokémon, this Berry will increase the Pokémon's Sp. Defense stat when hit by a special attack Which piqued my interest. But do these berries continue to activate when Harvested? I.e. will the Defense/Special defense boosts be stacked?

  • On DeGroot Keep, the Scout can use Mad Milk (or Crit-a-Cola or Atomic Punch) but the Sniper can't use Jarate. Why is this?

  • Why can't I toggle these starred items? I have the accuracy IV unlocked for the AMCAR-4 and had it for one game. Now it's back to iron sights, and I can't toggle it back. It seems pressing X in the upgrades tree makes no diffrence.

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