Does Lucky Egg boost the experience gain from Exp. Share?

  • Does Lucky Egg boost the experience gain from Exp. Share? Klokworkk

    I'm trying to figure out if putting a Lucky Egg on a party pokemon would give it extra experience even if I don't use it in a fight. It is hard to tell though because the text after you KO a pokemon just says that all pokemon not used get a bit of experience. Does anyone know if that experience is boosted with a Lucky Egg?

  • If you equip a Lucky Egg to a Pokemon, the gained experience from EXP Share will be affected by the egg.

    For an example, if a normally the participating get 100 exp and the non-participating Pokemon will get nothing, without EXP share...

    In Gen 6, with EXP Share on, instead of splitting[1] the exp amongst everyone, the participating Pokemon would get 100 exp (with no Lucky Egg, the yield 100% of the total exp gained for each participating), while another non-participating Pokemon (with no Lucky Egg, the yield 50% of the total exp gained for each non-participating Pokemon).

    Giving the participating Pokemon a Lucky Egg (adds 50% exp), will yield them 150% or 150 exp [100 + (100*.5)], and giving the non-participating a Lucky Egg they will get 75%, or 75 exp [50 + (50*.5)].

    A = Participant
    B = Non-participant
    C = Non-participant
    + = Lucky Egg

    No EXP share, no Lucky Eggs:

    A = 100%
    B = 0%
    C = 0%

    With EXP Share, no Lucky Eggs:

    A = 100%
    B = 50%
    C = 50%

    With EXP Share, two Lucky Eggs (x1.5):

    A+ = 150% (x1.5)
    B = 50% (x1)
    C+ = 75% (x1.5)

    1 The item Exp. Share will revert to Exp. All as in Generation I, where when one Pokémon holding this item participates in battle, all other Pokémon in the team receive experience as well. Unlike in Generation I, the experience is not split but rather received by all Pokémon. This means that the participating Pokemon receive 100% experience, while non-participating Pokémon receive 50% experience. Source.

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