Multiple Lava Pumps In The Nether

  • Multiple Lava Pumps In The Nether ReallyGoodPie

    I have setup a 4 lava pumps to pump out lava in the nether to a tank in the overworld. Unfortunatley only one pump is working despite having the exact same setups. Is there a limit to how many pumps you can have in one chunk? I have provided a screenshot of my setup.enter image description here

    As you can probably (or not) see, they have exactly the same setups. Each with the exact same I/O's. Anyone have any idea how to get them all to work? They all seem to be pumping but in the three that aren't working, no lava is being inputted into the magmatic engine.

  • To answer your question you are allowed to have as many pumps as you want near each other. Why your setup isn't working probably has to do with energy distribution.

    You can test for yourself with multiple pumps in a chunk by making a super flat world and testing there in creative mode.

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