How can I resolve a 3DS networking issue?

The Ugly
  • How can I resolve a 3DS networking issue? The Ugly

    I can't seem to connect my pokemon x game to my network, even though I have tried using both my guest network and my secure network. Both of them are WPA secured (I believe, I can't check right now, but will as soon as possible), but I was able to connect and receive the Torchic promo gift on my pokemon y game. I have attempted using a 3DS that had been broken (only the lower half of the top screen, so I just replicated my actions to attempt to connect, and I could still see the error message), but that refused to connect also.

    Both 3DS can connect to the network and use the Internet browser, and streetpass works fine, the only issue is connecting to the network in game. The error message goes along the lines of "error, could not connect to the network" (might have been "connection refused"). I have also tried using Internet to connect to GTS and the streetpass connection thing, but neither of those work on either game, on either 3ds, even though it used to on pokemon y.

    I am super confused over this, as the issue just popped up, seemingly overnight. I really want to claim the torchic ASAP, because the promo ends after December, and although that is a ways off, waiting until the end to fix this would pass up being able to own a valuable promo, who is super powerful besides.

    Does anybody know how to fix this? I am very sorry if I didn't make myself clear, or if I didn't supply enough information, but I can't access either my own router or either game right now, and I have no clue how to trouble shoot on a 3ds anyways. If I need to collect more information, please comment what I need and I will get it as soon as I can.

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