Is Franklin more likely to attract police attention in Blaine County?

  • Is Franklin more likely to attract police attention in Blaine County? toryan

    It seems like, when I'm driving around the northern parts of the map as Franklin, the police are on more of a hair trigger than they are when Trevor or Michael is around. They seem quicker to respond and it seems easier to increase your wanted level from one to two stars.

    Unfortunately this is just a theory at the moment and it's difficult to test but I wondered if anyone else had noticed this or had any information about it.

    It would make sense for the police to be more racist in Blaine County because that's the type of place it is (try going to play darts as Franklin and see the reaction you get), and also I guess Driving While Black is more serious in a place where everybody is white.

  • Just standing near a cop with any of the characters will result in getting arrested, but I've simply walked past police out near the hospital as Franklin and suddenly gotten a star. I didn't have a weapon out, and had just respawned at the hospital. I jogged past the officer on my way to a nearby car and had yet to try opening it. Another time I was sitting on a cycle getting my bearings near the large on / off ramp system by the prison and a police cruiser suddenly fired up its lights and came after me.

    Anecdotal sure, take it as you will.

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