How can I install Red Alert 3 on Linux?

  • How can I install Red Alert 3 on Linux? JMCF125

    I recently found there are several layers of programs (some commercial) one can put on top of WINE to run games better and do everything easier. I'm using PlayOnLinu 4.2.1 with Wine 1.7.4 in 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04.

    I have previously successfully installed Civilization V with both expansion packs and copied C&C The First Decade even before I got Play on Linux, with Wine alone. (although the second didn't work, I didn't have winetricks, now I could really install, not just copy The First Decade folders and files)

    I've tried just about anything to install the game, installing through the CD (never finishes, gets stuck on the end "copying new files"), through Steam (doesn't actually install the game, but Steam with the game's name), and through pointing to the setup file as installation file on the CD (through the options of installation and running playonlinux /media/setup.exe & on the terminal). I also tried tweaking a few options, and following tutorials, but none have worked so far (still if there's any you think would work, please tell me).

    I could try installing on the VM and copying Red Alert 3, but I think it is awkward that an unsupported game installs and a supported one doesn't. Why?

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