How to noclip in The Stanley Parable (2013)

Jochem Kuijpers
  • How to noclip in The Stanley Parable (2013) Jochem Kuijpers

    I really appreciate the little jokes and funny things the developer put into this game, but how do I really enable cheats to get into noclip mode?

    I tried running the game with +sv_cheats 1 in command line, and binding "sv_cheats 1" to a key in the config.cfg file and then making the config file read-only. This worked with the unachievable achievement according to an answer to another question here.

    None of these things seem to work? Is there some kind of developer hack to get into noclip mode?

  • I read on a steam thread (How to Cheat) that the developer will authorize cheats when all secrets have been found.

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