Is Happiness of a pokemon the same as Affection?

  • Is Happiness of a pokemon the same as Affection? Samyam

    OK, I just started playing Pokemon-Y. In PokemonAmie there are ways to increase the affection of your pokemon. Is this the same thing as Pokemon Happiness that is used for happiness evolutions?

    If not, is there a character that tells you how happy your pokemon is?

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  • I have heard that having high affection will ultimately pay off, but having to take long breaks to do both Super Training an Pokemon Amie (both have vital bonuses, but take ages to make a difference) gets in the way of me enjoying the game. So, I would like to know whether affection can be gained through actions like using the pokemon in battle, using them in wireless battles (if regular battles don't work), leveling them up, healing them with potions or berries, or something else I haven't even thought of. (Also, are any of these actually effective methods, where affection gained per time

  • I was reading up on Pokemon Amie Affection and Bonding, when I came across this sentence: In some cases, you can also talk to your Pokemon to increase the Affection level but it is not that fast! (Emphasis mine) So far, my Butterfree & Frogadier seem to respond to their names but not much else. They seem to respond to talking in general by 'perking up', but then they stop being attentive without much else happening. Are there specific sentences I can say to my Pokemon? Does it matter what I say at all? Or do they only respond to their name?

  • Various items and events raise and lower the happiness of your villagers. Besides achievements, what gameplay effects does low or high happiness bestow?

  • Where can I check the happiness from my Pokemon on Pokemon White ? I Know that there is a NPC who can say it to you using some phrase. But there is other way to check it or is it the ONLY way to see they happiness ? I am asking this because I have a lot of Pokemons that need evolution (by happiness) and I want to know how much everyone has before I start leveling them. Regards

  • It is stated for both the Colosseum and the Theatre that they can only provide as much happiness as there is population. I believe they both provide +5 Happiness for a population of 5. Do they stack on the same population meaning I would get 10 Happiness with a population of 5?

  • I know that in general, a higher affection score raises the chance for a successful crew skill check and reduces the time to completion, but what I'm looking for here is hard numbers so I can decide whether or not buying a bunch of gifts to raise my companion's affection is worth it to me? What I'm particularly interested in is the following at each affection level (0, 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000... the crit rate, since it would require a lot of data points. But if you can find external research on it or can convince your guild to help you out with data points (much like some seemed to do

  • I was reading that the Affection Meter between Toki and Towa only plays an effects on the ending in a second play-through, i have all the DLC including the items that shifts the affection meter but doesn't affect the Love/Sincerity values of the character. now i know Love/Sincerity have an affect on the meter and Sincerity has the secondary effect on critical hits but Love's only affect is the affection meter, so i am wondering, to change the endings is it the Love/Sincerity values i should be keeping an eye on or the affection meter

  • In Civilization V some buildings or policies affect local happiness, while others global. What's the difference? I understand local means per city, but does it have any different effects towards the total happiness of your empire than global does?

  • Releasing a pokemon user1306322

    This article on Bulbapedia says that "Released Pokémon cannot be found again in the wild". Does it mean that (a) only the very same pokemon you just released, with all its stats, learned moves and the nickname it had when you released it won't be found anywhere in the game (wild) so that you won't ever be able to encounter it again and re-capture, or (b) does it mean the whole pokemon type will be "blacklisted" from suddenly appearing in the wild to attack you? I haven't ever released a pokemon when I played, so I don't quite understand what that rule means.

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