How to keep track of interesting clips while recording

Kamiel Wanrooij
  • How to keep track of interesting clips while recording Kamiel Wanrooij

    I try to record some of my games, such as Diablo III, DayZ and Planetside 2, where the gameplay can be pretty intense at times. I often end up having 3-4hr sessions and equal length videos. Lots of standard, uninteresting gameplay, and few intense highlights.

    I'd love to create 10-15 minute clips of the highlights of these sessions, especially in multiplayer where I play with friends. I almost always loose track of that one special kill, a killing streak, or any other bits of interesting gameplay. Is there a way to keep track of these things as they happen, without having to re-watch the entire video?

    I am using DXtory and FFsplit as capturing / recording software.

    Could be a tip or technique, mobile app, keyboard macro or annotator, anything that allows me to easily find interesting bits of footage in those marathon recording sessions. Thanks!

  • If you have an nVidia GeForce GTX 650 or better graphics card, you can use their new ShadowPlay recording software, which is currently in beta.

    ShadowPlay GUI

    Instead of sifting through all of your footage, you can set ShadowPlay to "shadow" you for a specific amount of time, from 1 to 20 minutes. Just start playing, and whenever you want to, just hit the shadow record button and the last 2 (or whatever you set) minutes will be saved to disk. There is a manual recording option to just record everything as well.

    As for audio recording, you have the option to record: "in-game audio" (which includes any other sounds, like Steam notifications, Skype call, TeamSpeak, Mumble, etc.) and/or your microphone as well.

    If you use windowed or borderless windowed mode when you play games, you will need to switch to fullscreen, as ShadowPlay does not support those (yet).

    ShadowPlay example video (pardon YouTube's compression).

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