Can't absorb dragon souls, even with USKP and UDBP patches installed

Emiliano De Santis
  • Can't absorb dragon souls, even with USKP and UDBP patches installed Emiliano De Santis

    Anyone around coy with being Mr. Fixit? (Ms. Fixit would be even better, but either will do nicely.) I can't absorb dragon souls, and yes, I've been through almost every thread there is here on the answer. (So please, do not duplicate me. Pretty please?)

    Mind you, I got a TRUCKLOAD of mods installed... (ducks in preparation for the coming brick) Odd thing is, I was playing with a very similar list before installing Dragon Combat Overhaul and Succubus Race, but deactivating either won't get me anywhere.

    Done some digging on the Nexus and Steam forums... I read somewhere that No Spinning Death overwrites a script related to dragon death. It might be mucking up things some, but I can't tell. Disabling that mod didn't get me anywhere, but scripts are baked into saves (right?), so in theory I have to (cringes) restart the game to be absolutely sure...

    Other bits worth (?) knowing:

    • Running SKSE
    • Running ENB
    • Using ModOrganizer

    UPDATE: There is something seriously broken with my game itself. Tried the following:

    • Disabled ALL the mods, save for Alternate Start for quicker starts (and yes, this includes USKP, UDGP and UDBP)
    • Started a new game, created a vanilla Nord character
    • Toggled godmode on
    • Given the PC Lightning Storm
    • Spawned Mirmulnir
    • Turned the overgrown lizard into charred meat

    And STILL I'm not absorbing its soul!

    UPDATE 2: Verifying the game cache integrity turned up 3 corrupted files. Wish I knew which those were, but I had cleaned my master files using TES5Edit, so I thought I had screwed up something there. Created a new barebones game, and at last, I'm having some dragon spirit chow. Then, created a new fully modded game, and no soul chow for me... For a moment I wanted to pin the blame on TES5Edit but now I know that's not the cause. The culprit's still at large.

    UPDATE 3: After having no luck with a fully modded game, started to gradually activate mods again... eventually I realized that the truckload of mods I had activated on my previous attempt broke something again on my vanilla installation, for even another barebones try was plagued with this issue. Re-check integrity, and bam, another file -a very small one, not even 1k in size- was corrupted. (Again, I wish there was a way to know which!)

    UPDATE 4: Tried a new game with just these on:

    • USKP
    • UDGP
    • UDBP
    • Alternate Start

    Guess what. AGAIN the corrupted file issue.

    Tried again with only Alternate Start active, and still cannot absorb dragon souls. Even while today I could on a similar setup. (I don't understand anything anymore here...) Anyone knows of a way to skip the intro without installing this mod?

    (Could it be that ModOrganizer is somehow mucking things up?)

    UPDATE 5: Probably ModOrganizer has something to do with this. However insane it sounds. Instead of manually disabling ESPs, I right-clicked on the mod list, selected 'Disable all visible mods', manually re-activated Alternate Start, and this time I could dine on dragon essence. Read again: a near-completely barebones setup, without even the unofficial patches.

    UPDATE 6: Disregard what I said about MO screwing up things. One of the unofficial patches is misbehaving. Even with a truckload of mods on, I can still eat dragonstuff--right until activating all three of them. Which one is to blame I don't yet know.

    In case anyone remains interested here goes the cyclopean mod list... for the good it did anyway.

    - 3D NPCs
    - [SkyRe] Ethereal Elven Overhaul - SkyRe Compability patch
    - [SkyRe] ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator
    - [SkyRe] Skyrim Redone by T3ndo
    - [SkyRe] The Force - SkyRe compatibility patch
    - [STEP core - D] Ancient Nord Armor fix
    - [STEP core - D] Bowlegged jump animation Fix
    - [STEP core - D] Dead Body Collision Fix
    - [STEP core - D] Distant Decal Fix
    - [STEP core - D] Fast travel timescale fix
    - [STEP core - D] Fuz Ro Doh
    - [STEP core - D] Guard Dialogue Overhaul
    - [STEP core - D] Trade and Barter
    - [STEP core - D] Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
    - [STEP core - D] Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
    - [STEP core - D] Unofficial High Resolution Patch
    - [STEP core - D] Unofficial Skyrim Patch
    - [STEP core - D] Weapons and Armor Fixes - Remade with Dawnguard and Dragonborn support
    - [STEP core - D] Yngol Barrow Button Fix
    - [STEP core - E] Better Dialogue Controls
    - [STEP core - E] Better MessageBox Controls
    - [STEP core - E] RaceMenu
    - [STEP core - E] SkyUI
    - [STEP core - F] A Quality World Map Installer
    - [STEP core - F] Enhanced Distant Terrain 2
    - [STEP core - F] SMIM - Static Mesh Improvement Mod
    - [STEP core - F] Ultimate HD Fire Spells
    - [STEP core - G] Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized
    - [STEP core - G] Dragon Glyphs HD - Fixed
    - [STEP core - G] Enhanced Distant Terrain
    - [STEP core - G] Enhanced Night Skyrim
    - [STEP core - G] HD Enhanced Terrain
    - [STEP core - G] High Quality LODs
    - [STEP core - G] Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture
    - [STEP core - G] Improved Vanilla Mountains HD
    - [STEP core - G] Intricate Spider Webs
    - [STEP core - G] Moss Rocks for SMIM
    - [STEP core - G] Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE
    - [STEP core - G] Realistic Mushrooms
    - [STEP core - G] SkyFalls and SkyMills - Animated Distant Waterfalls and WindMills - [NO Falskaar]
    - [STEP core - G] Skyrim Flora Overhaul
    - [STEP core - G] Terrain Bump
    - [STEP core - G] TreesHD - 1024x512
    - [STEP core - G] Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised
    - [STEP core - G] Windmills resized
    - [STEP core - H] Bellyache's HD Dragon Replacer Pack
    - [STEP core - H] Female Vampires Have Fangs
    - [STEP core - H] Frost Atronach HD Retex
    - [STEP core - I] aMidianBorn Book of Silence
    - [STEP core - I] Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows
    - [STEP core - I] Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux
    - [STEP core - I] Improved closefaced helmets
    - [STEP core - I] Jewels of the Nord - HD rings and necklaces - [HD]
    - [STEP core - I] Nightingale Prime HD - [metallic]
    - [STEP core - I] Not Really HD Mask of Clavicus Vile
    - [STEP core - I] Shield of Ysgramor
    - [STEP core - J] Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS Replacer
    - [STEP core - J] Enhanced Projectile Soul Trap (requires Acquisitive Soul Gems)
    - [STEP core - J] Finer Dust
    - [STEP core - J] No Spinning Death Animation
    - [STEP core - K] HQ Skyrim map V2
    - [STEP core - L] Better Animal Footsteps
    - [STEP core - L] Better Weapon Swing Sounds
    - [STEP core - L] Dragons Shout with Voice
    - [STEP core - L] FSS - Better Bards
    - [STEP core - L] IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds
    - [STEP core - L] Improved Combat Sounds
    - [STEP core - L] Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door
    - [STEP core - L] Realistic wolf howls
    - [STEP core - L] Roosters At Dawn
    - [STEP core - L] Smooth blade draw and Sheathe
    - [STEP core - L] Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds
    - [STEP core - L] Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds
    - [STEP core - M] ClamsDropPearls
    - [STEP core - M] Gildergreen Regrown
    - [STEP core - M] Move it Dammit for NPC Companions and Followers
    - [STEP core - M] No NPC Greetings - [reduced distance]
    - [STEP core - M] Run For Your Lives
    - [STEP core - M] Skyrim -Community- Uncapper
    - [STEP core - M] The Paarthurnax Dilemma
    - [STEP core - M] Traps Make Noise
    - [STEP core - M] When Vampires Attack
    - [STEP secondary - M] Achieve that!
    - [STEP secondary - M] Acquisitive Soul Gems
    - [STEP secondary - M] Alternate Start - Live Another Life
    - [STEP secondary - M] Brehanin's Better Vampires
    - Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation
    - Apocalypse spell package
    - ASIS RC Patcher
    - Bank of Skyrim v2p05-17985-2-05
    - Bat Travel
    - Become High King of Skyrim
    - Better Females by Bella Version 3 - 2812
    - Better males with underwear
    - Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-
    - Civil War Overhaul
    - Cloaks of Skyrim
    - Covereyes
    - Deadly Dragons
    - Deadly Dragons Armory
    - Demon Hunter Armor by Jojjo
    - DFB - Random Encounters
    - Disenchantable artifacts
    - Dragon Combat Overhaul
    - Dragon Soul Relinquishment
    - Dread Knight Weapon Set
    - Dwemerverse - Dwemer Magic Package
    - Ethereal Elven Overhaul
    - Extensible Follower Framework
    - Feminine Females Main file and Installer
    - Feminine Running and New Dash Animation
    - Forgotten Magic Redone
    - Grimoas Vampire Lord
    - Halls of Dovahndor
    - Immersive HUD - iHUD
    - Improved Dragon Shouts
    - Kace Auto Loot - MCM Configurable Autoloot
    - Less sunken vampire faces for females
    - Lilith's Sickle
    - Lustmord Vampire Armor
    - Mining for Mages
    - Outfits by Nausicaä - Succubus (hot)
    - Project Parallax Remastered
    - Pure Waters
    - Realistic Lighting Overhaul
    - Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim
    - Ritual Armor of Boethiah
    - Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree - abilities - and more
    - SkyMoModv7 MoreRespawns v2 0 1Beta
    - Skyrim Immersive Creatures
    - Skyrim Monster Mod
    - Skyrim Performance PLUS
    - Smart Cast
    - Succubus Race
    - The Force
    - Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package
    - Uncle Sheogorath's very useful tips
    - Vilja in Skyrim

  • If that is your load order I see one problem: You have the skyrim patch after the DLC patches - it needs to go first.

    The correct order is given at:

    • Skyrim.esm
    • Update.esm
    • Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
    • Dawnguard.esm
    • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
    • Hearthfires.esm
    • Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
    • Dragonborn.esm
    • Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp
    • HighResTexturePack01.esp
    • HighResTexturePack02.esp
    • HighResTexturePack03.esp
    • Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp

    The patches should be interleaved with the actual DLC.

  • ...scripts are baked into saves (right?), so in theory I have to (cringes) restart the game to be absolutely sure...

    Yes, scripts are baked into saves. However, there is a way to remove scripts left by uninstalled mods in savefiles. You need to configure Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) to use its ClearInvalidRegistrations console command. It removes invalid scripts left running by uninstalled mods. This feature was introduced in v1.6.7 of SKSE:

    add console command ClearInvalidRegistrations to remove invalid OnUpdate() registrations

    This prevents orphaned OnUpdate() events and the resulting bloated/broken saves when removing certain mods. When applied to an already bloated save, it will stop growing further and instead shrink over time as the game processes all queued events. This may take hours depending on the amount of bloat.

    To execute automatically after each reload, add this to \Data\SKSE\skse.ini:


    Use the skse.ini method to automatically remove invalid scripts left by uninstalled mods.

    I read somewhere that No Spinning Death overwrites a script related to dragon death. It might be mucking up things some, but I can't tell.

    After configuring SKSE to use the ClearInvalidRegistrations command, try uninstalling the 'No Spinning Death' mod and then see if the issue is fixed. Otherwise, you'll have to disable half your mods and then test again. Rinse and repeat until you find the offending mod.

    Also, make sure that the mods' load order is correct (as explained in an answer by DouglasLeeder). If you're unsure on how to do this, just let BOSS take care of the mods' load order. BOSS has a database of mods and their proper load order, and can automatically decide optimal load order of mods, provided they are listed in that database.

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