How to set a quick weapon access key with a controller in Fallout: New Vegas on PC?

  • How to set a quick weapon access key with a controller in Fallout: New Vegas on PC? wil

    In Fallout: New Vegas on PC, you can set a quick weapon access keys by pressing a keyboard shortcut (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8), and clicking a weapon in the menu. The keys are replaced by directions on the direction pad when playing with a controller.
    I am playing with a 360 controller, the keyboard commands are disabled. It is therefore tedious to modify the quick weapon access keys, since I have to disable my controller in the controls menu each time I want to do it.

    Is there a less tedious method to set the quick weapon access keys when playing with a controller?

  • As @Studoku suggested, it is possible to set the hotkey using the controller.
    You have to keep the RightTrigger pressed, and then press one of the directions on the directional pad.

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