What affects the sale price of a vehicle in GTA online?

  • What affects the sale price of a vehicle in GTA online? ltn100

    I've noticed that if I've modified one of my (non-premium) vehicles then the price at which I can sell it for goes up. For example, I have an Ocelot F620 which has a normal sale price of $8000. I have since added a few mods to it (improved engine tuning, etc.) and now if I try to sell it the price offered is around $13000. (I can't remember exatly how much I've spend on the mods -- it was over a period of several weeks)

    So I was just wondering if anyone has ever bothered to work this out? If for example I spend $1000 on mods, how much does the price increase by? (it it that simple?) Are there any mods that don't increase the price? (like respraying?) Also, if I buy two mods in the same category (for example 'Engine Tuning 1' and 'Engine Tuning 2') does it just increase the price due to the more expensive of the two, or does it increase by some combination of the two?

    I've tried briefly to figure this out myself, but the sale price of the car seems to behave in a strange way. I can drive my car into Los Santos Customs and check the sale price (by selecting 'sell', but not actually proceeding with the sale). If I then modify the car in some way, then check the sale price again, the sale price is unchanged! However, if I check the sale price of the car a day or so later (real-world time) the sale price has gone up to reflect the new modification. So I guess that leads on to another question: How long do you have to wait before car mods have an influence on the sale price?

  • After a bit of investigation I can answer (at least part of) my own question.

    First, it seems that my initial recollection of the price given by LSC was wrong: you can indeed check the price of a car, add a modification, drive out, drive back in again and check the newly updated price (obviously this is only possible if you have not sold a car in the last 48 mins -- otherwise you will be told that they are not accepting any vehicles at the moment).

    Here is what I have figured out so far:

    • After a modification, the price added to the sale price is exactly 50% of the cost of the modification.

    • Modifying the car with multiple items from the same category does not increase the sale price by the sum of all those modifications. For example, if you already have 'Engine Tuning 2' and you then fit 'Engine Tuning 1', the latter will REPLACE the former and the sale price will DROP by 50% of the difference between cost of the two mods.

    • Most of the modifications I've tried so far DO add to the sale price of the car. However, there may be some that don't (as I have not extensively tried all of them). I will update if I find any that do not.

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