How can I quickly earn money after the story is over?

  • How can I quickly earn money after the story is over? Iszi

    I've finished all the story missions, and most of the side-quests, but there's still several properties I can't afford yet. Some of these properties cost tens of millions of dollars, but I can't find a way to quickly earn that money. I'm aware there's always the option of playing the stock market, but that's a crap shoot after all of Lester's assassination missions are done.

    Are there any reliable ways to quickly earn the money needed to buy the more expensive properties? Do the options differ for each character?

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  • ) at the Asia Travel Company. What happens if Ryo spends all his money (including Fuku-san’s savings) for toy capsules before buying this ticket? Would you have to earn it back the hard way before the story can progress? I guess working at the harbor isn’t possible yet (or is it?). Ine-san gives you ¥500 each day. It would take 138 days. Not possible, because you’d be game over beforehand. Slot machines. As far as I read, you can’t make money here (you can only get tokens and items). Any other ways to earn money at this point?

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  • Besides having to pay for it or complete missions :) After you complete the game, you can still fight people and buy stuff. But you can't earn prestige because there are no more missions to complete. So you can only buy things that can be bought with $, which are worthless...

  • After finishing That Special Someone by killing Darko, I didn't receive a call by Pegorino, as the wiki says I should. But this means that I can't continue to the following story missions. I did a few optional missions after that, so I don't think waiting will help. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Is there some way of fixing this apart from loading an old save?

  • I've been playing Pokemon Ruby as of late, and once I got past Victory Road, I noticed I was extremely low on money for potions and whatnot, so I looked around for ways to farm some. I read on GameFAQs that defeating the Elite Four members repeatedly with the Amulet Coin was a viable way to earn some quick money, but this doesn't seem to be the case. The image above shows before, after defeating the Elite Four member (with the Amulet Coin), and after entirely. (After step 3 below.) The pictures were actually taken after the first attempt at this. I dumped my money on some potions

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