Can I use voice chat in the Xbox 360 minecraft?

Andrew Dunaway
  • Can I use voice chat in the Xbox 360 minecraft? Andrew Dunaway

    My family has recently gotten into a Minecraft fix, my wife and I playing with our two children. Because it's the four of us, the Xbox 360 version is perfect.

    Recently Grandparents visited and were also enthralled with the game. If they get an Xbox we can sync up and all play together, but is it possible to do voice chat as well? The social aspect is the real selling point. I know Xbox has great voice chat support, but I wasn't sure if it was by game, or a universal feature.

    Does Minecraft on Xbox support voice chat?

  • Minecraft for the Xbox 360 does have online voice chat enabled.

    enter image description here

    You can also create a party on Xbox live to voice chat with each other and then join the same hosted session in Minecraft.

  • Yes you can make parties and talk and play with other people.

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