Can I ever dive into the river with my Wetsuit?

  • Can I ever dive into the river with my Wetsuit? Scribblenautical

    In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I know that you can swim in the ocean when you have your Wetsuit on. However, when I try to dive in the river, my character just moves his arms in a way that he's pretending to swim. Is there any other way to get in? Maybe a glitch or hack? Please help!

  • You can't dive into the river. However, by using the Tweeter/Beans glitch (or the King Tut glitch), it is possible to stand on the river (which makes fishing a lot easier!).

    You need two people to do the glitch.

    1. Blow on your tweeter/use the Setsubun beans.
    2. Have someone constantly push you from behind into the river.
    3. Repeat until you're in the river :-)

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