Is there a way to control Yorda in your first ICO playthrough?

  • Is there a way to control Yorda in your first ICO playthrough? Nick

    My girlfriend and I just really enjoyed playing through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons together and I figured she'd probably enjoy ICO too.

    We have the PS3 HD remake of the original but I haven't started it yet, I was wondering if there is anyway that she can control Yorda (maybe a cheat code... or something similar) that won't require a solo playthrough? I've noticed you can download saves from certain sites, but they seem to be profile restricted.


    (edit) I managed to download a save and get it onto the PS3... it gave me a warning that any trophies wouldn't apply which was promising, but when starting a new game, and releasing Yorda, I didn't get the option to switch to two players :(

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