How to sell custom cars and planes in gta 5?

  • How to sell custom cars and planes in gta 5? john

    If you buy say custom cars and planes can you ever sell them? I have tried to sell them at customs shops but if they're over $50,000 you cant sell them there.

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  • I can play all 3 people on GTA 5 and I hate their cars I would like to know where I have to sell them and how to sell them.

  • If you go to each of the websites for buying vehicles, (Warstock, Elitas, Legendary, etc.) Some of the vehicles on each site have a symbol instead of a picture of the vehicle. For the cars from Los Santos Autos, it was believed that you had to steal them for Simeon first. However, there are two facts that contradict this: Vehicles blocked with a symbol include vehicles from other sites, vehicles that Simeon doesn't want and you can't bring to him or steal and sell. The Dinka Double T is one of the cars blocked by a symbol. I have not brought a Double T to Simeon but I was able to buy one

  • Are you able to sell cars offline? I have tried with all different types of cars but it won't let me.

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  • Does anyone know which cars can be made your "personal car" by stealing? Or which ones can't? Out of them, is there a "best" non purchased car in terms of speed/acceleration/the usual? EDIT: I'm making a list over here, feel free to contribute: GTA Online - Which stolen cars can you bring to LS Customs? Corollary: has anyone made a list of their sell prices?

  • I'm a terrible completionist and I noticed when I scrap my planes, they no longer show up in the Airpedia. If they're kept in the Hangar they do count. If possible I'd like to keep one of each plane but I'm not sure if tha Hangar can hold one of each or what. Can the hangar hold unlimited planes? I don't notice a limit to them anywhere in the game's UI.

  • At first I assumed building planes as cheaper as the 3 necessary parts cost less than the full cost of the plane. However I've learned that there is a "build" cost and also a cost to move planes out of your hangar into service. Is it actually cheaper to build planes or should I buy them outright instead?

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