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  • Finding Missions Mr Universe

    I am at a point where money is an issue. As a result, I need to start doing side missions for some extra gold. Problem is, other than flying around each station with scrupulous care and looking for the missions, I don't know a way of getting missions.

    Do we really have to spend so long just looking for a mission?

    If not, how do I find them?

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  • Today I finished my 3-day long, Classic+Ironman run and aimed to get these 4 achievements: "Earth First", "Ain't No Cavalry Comin'", "No Looking Back" and "An Army Of Four". All my soldiers lived until the very end (I did change one Assault for another and made him the one, my Heavy was the one I kept in all missions) and I got all the achievements except for "An Army Of Four". My only fails were... with closing the game and restarting to improve every turn, but sometimes it took me back to the situation room right before accepting panic, abduction, etc. missions. (Maybe that has something to do?) Now

  • I super love "playing" Zombies, Run! - the story missions are fun and are getting me outside and exercising, which is super cool. Ideally, I would like to alternate my story runs with supply runs to make the story missions last longer, as it were, but when I looked at the mission list earlier today in order to figure out what mission I wanted to run tomorrow, I noticed the supply missions are still locked. When do they unlock? Is it at some point during the story? Or do I have to do something like complete the whole story?

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  • After doing 1 major mission, Codebreaker DLC Mission and several minor missions, as well as agent dispatches, I am not getting any missions any more. The Director is not in his Bureau, so I cannot talk to him and all other NPC have nothing new to say. As you can see, there are no more missions available on the screen. How do I proceed with the game?

  • Okay, I started playing Crash Time II and I've already noticed the flags indicating there are still missions to do with that certain car. For some missions you get a message over the radio, asking for assistance, and others require you to drive to a certain location (discovered by accident) to be able to start them. I have not been able to find a way to quickly see where the starting point of those missions are located (besides randomly driving around, and hoping you find the one.) Is there a way to quickly know where to go for a certain mission?

  • Playing Mass Effect i found that some parts of the story in the Main Missions didn't seem to make sense in terms of logic. ie. on Feros Shepard having no idea about Sovereign's Indoctrination even though ealier on Noveria Benezia had explained it. Noveria is closer to the Citadel than Feros so it would make sense that it would be done first. Considering that the main missions can roughly be done in any order i am wondering if there is actually a canon order to do the main missions in?

  • So I've just finished the main missions of the game, and it finished. But I still had secondary missions to complete, stores to restore, and a lot of stuff to do. Is there any way to keep playing in Rome, or at least recover the game before the last memory so I can do everything I want?

  • I have done all missions of major scientific importance on Victoria Crater and unlocked both Gale and Kaiser Crater. But I still lack the instruments to do any missions in there, except one where the medium Lander was enough. I still have not unlocked Tech Level 5, which would give me the Large Lander and more instruments. What are the prerequisites for the tech levels?

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