Problem using Kinect for chat

  • Problem using Kinect for chat jerimiah

    I am trying to use my Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 live chat, but when I do this it doesn't seem to work as a mic. I've tried all the steps that Microsoft recomends but they don't work. So how would I fix this?

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  • I am a little confused on a particular config on the Kinect, when it comes to chatting. If you go to the settings, there is a way to turn 'Microphone on/off for chat'. When I set up my nephews, I... this off. When we tried to do a Kinect Video chat last night, and it shows your face (while waiting to connect), it noted that my microphone was off. So I went and turned this on in settings, and went about using the Kinect video. My real question is: How do I set this up so when I do a video chat it works, but when I am just in a game I can use a headset or nothing at all? Note

  • How do we use the Kinect to chat instead of a headset for game chat? For example, using Kinect for chat while playing Call of Duty: Ghosts.

  • For the Xbox One, how do we mute the Kinect's mic while in game chat without leaving the game?

  • Microsoft recently released an SDK for the Kinect for Windows development. Does that mean if I go buy a Kinect, I can use it on my PC now? I'm a developer and would like to fidget around with it, but I want to make sure it will work on my PC first because I don't have an XBOX.

  • I recently bought a Nyko Zoom for Kinect which is a lens attachment that is supposed to enable you to use the Kinect with less room. When I've attached it, it does zoom out more as advertised... the screen. I stand around 4 - 5 feet away from the TV and then there is a couch and a wall behind me. Have also: tried having the Kinect sitting just below the TV but that didn't help. experimented with the Tracking and Calibration screens a fair bit to no avail. wiped both the Kinect and Zoom lens with a soft cloth to remove dust. How do I get the Zoom and Kinect working together

  • Kinect V2 for Xb1 (and I guess V1 for 360 too, but this question is mainly for One as I never used 360's much). Begins listening for commands after hearing "Xbox", but to string together commands is quite difficult as the Kinect stops listening after only a few seconds, and then you have to say "Xbox" again. Is there a setting somewhere to make it so Kinect listens longer so you have time to read the new commands and choose or repeat commands (tv volume controls, "go back", switch snap view, etc)?

  • I tried to shift-click an item a merchant was selling in chat to a friend, however it doesn't work. Is there something special I need to do to link a merchant's item in chat, or is that not possible unless I buy the item?

  • We have had a Kinect for the past five months, and it used to work fine. Now, however, it doesn't look like it is "seeing" anything. It doesn't recognize any motion. The little box in the corner of the screen is solid black. Attempts to calibrate it fail. We have connected it to another Xbox, and got the same result. Is there anything we should try before giving up and replacing it?

  • /Close" button on my Xbox Media Remote, or using Kinect I could say "Xbox Open Tray". None of these methods seem to work on the Xbox One, I can't find any way to do it with the controller (I have... Kinect Voice Commands list. Do I really have to stand up, walk across the room, and press the Eject button on the front of the console? Even my '80s VCR let me eject tapes from the sofa! ...So, on the Xbox 360 (and on pretty much every physical media player that has a remote control) I can remotely eject the disc from the console while I'm sitting on my sofa, and then by the time I step

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