My TDS does not earn any credits while I am not playing

  • My TDS does not earn any credits while I am not playing user62556

    My TDS does not earn any credits while I am not playing. It worked for the first week , but since then it doesn't change no matter how long I wait. I think the cargo doesn't sell when I left the game. That case may begin after I upgrade the Ultra-Lift 3000. And also, everytime I playing, must close the music and sound, How to close it for ever?

    Anyone know how to fix these issues?

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  • My TDS does not earn any credits while I am not playing. It worked for the first day (got $9000 the first night), but since then it doesn't change no matter how long I wait. Also, I can't access various tabs in the options screen (e.g. can't access levels or scenes tabs in album and can't order bitizens by skill tabs). Anyone know how to fix these issues? I think it will require an update.

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  • I downloaded Beacon and 15 minutes later, I'm contemplating my legacy sitting atop the barren red sand dune. Is that it? I sat there for several minutes and it didn't go to a menu. The credits just showed up way down in the corner, did their stuff, and left me all alone on this post-apocalyptic planet. I couldn't even figure out how to quit. Escape didn't do anything. Does anything happen after the credits in Beacon?

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