What is the best and easiest way to get past the castle walls?

  • What is the best and easiest way to get past the castle walls? happycamper21

    I don't have very many things (Octopus crown w/ both enchantments, boots of introspection, leather boots, leather gloves w/ both enchantments, trolls budgeon, everything from the blacksmith, the time ring, and a few spells) and I'm trying to get past the knights in the castle entrance, but everything I try doesn't work. What's the easiest and best way to get past?

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  • So I'm farming candy at the Castle's Entrance. I have equipped the Boots of Introspection, the obsidian Octopus crown, and the Monkey Wizard's enchanted staff. Trouble is, I'm now stuck behind a giant wall of Octopus minions and can't get to the exit. I've been spamming teleport but it hasn't gotten me any closer, and more often than not sends me right back to the start. If I start spamming acid rain instead, will it do enough damage to the octopi so that I can jump my way clear? Or is my only hope the exit without loot button and lose the ~2 million candies I've accumulated so far?

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  • . The more you enchant an item, the more likely that he'd screw it up and you lose your enchantments on that item forever. Fast forward to the next game, you have a limited amount of enchantments that can be applied to an item but you now have the option to remove enchantments for some money. Is there a chance that attempting to enchant an item now can remove all enchantments on your item? I've saved up enough money to enchant my best weapons so I will be enchanting as much as I can. I'd just hate to lose everything.

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