Is there a place where i can build up Level 40 characters

  • Is there a place where i can build up Level 40 characters Memor-X

    I'm on my 3rd play through, i had some trouble with Sin's Gate because most of my party apart from Will was bellow level 50, the ones that were Level 50 was the Eushully Mascots however the Command Cost is quite high so i can't have a full party with them

    Now i'm aiming to get Asmodeous which the next Quest one of the requirements is to have Will at Level 60, i want to have the rest of my party at Level 60 however Sin's Gate is too tough for them at the moment, I am currently on Chapter 2 so i am wondering if there are any good dungeons which i can build up Level 40 characters apart from the Deadbeat Dungeon (cause the only good one is Deadbeat Gods and that won't be unlocked until the very end)

    one requirement would have to be unique monsters as i've noticed that in Sin's Gate, the Gargoyles who are at Level 60 doesn't give nearly enough EXP that what the rest of the monsters in that dungeon gives

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