How do I grow crops?

  • How do I grow crops? aslum

    I've done a bit of looking on wikis and the best I can find is that crops don't grow on all types of dirt, but I haven't been able to find any kind of dirt that can grow crops. I want my Glitch to be a vegetarian but I keep starving to death.

  • Are you using a hoe to till the land first? You have to gather some wood and some cobblestone to make a stone hoe, then till the dirt and plant your seeds in it in order to create a farm. Plain Ol' Dirt won't cut it.

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  • Crop growing speeds user2519211

    Looking at this calculator, it doesn't differentiate between the different crop types. I read somewhere that the different crops grow at different speeds, but I can't find any definitive information on the relative crop growing speeds. All I've found are that beans are the fastest-growing of the crops, followed by wheat. Does anyone know how fast the individual crops grow, relative to each other?

  • I've planted a grass tile by mistake where I was planning on putting some crops. I tried cutting them out, but no cigar. Can I remove the grass or I'll just have to live with it?

  • While using the Ultimate Watering can i noticed that not only did it empty right away but all my crops had been watere At first i though it was like the Mystic Watering Can from Harvest Moon DS which waters the entire screen however when i went to use it, it showed the range which was all around me and crops outside of this range was watered too. So what exactly is the ability of Ultimate Farm Tools like the Hoe, Watering Can and Scythe?

  • Is there a good strategy, or layout, for optimizing watering and harvesting your crops in Harvest Moon GBC? I used to seed in separate 3x3 squares, cutting out a tile in one of the sides, so I could water the whole thing in just two uses of the sprinkler. But then I got the golden sickle and golden hoe and that makes it very difficult to create this pattern, given their properties. Is there any way I can use the golden tools to my advantage, saving time and effort to care for my crops?

  • When I start up a new world of Pixelmon in Minecraft, all I have is a level 5 starter, and I'm surrounded by Pixelmon ranging from levels 10-45. Finding a reasonable challenge is, in itself, a challenge. Where can I go in the world to find weaker, lower-level challenges for my starter to grow and fight against? Or am I stuck praying to find a low-level pokemon without accidentally running into a level 45?

  • I heard to unlock crops in A New Beginning you need to grow lots of "base" crops and ship them to unlock the next set. However I've been cooking most of my crops before I ship them for now, since it helps level my cooking and I get slightly more money. Do I need to ship crops or just grow them to unlock new crops?

  • Possible Duplicate: Can trees grow without sunlight? Ok, so I'm trying to plant this tree underground and it's surrounded by torches and directly under a 4x4 sky light. It's a normal sapling on 5 deep dirt. I've used like, 10 bonemeals on it and it isn't working. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I have observed that some crops seem to withstand colder weathers than others. For example, squash dies at around 25f while cabbage dies at 32f. Which crop can withstand the coldest weather?

  • I'm working on a fully-automatic farm now that 1.5 is out. The plan is to use redstone to flush fully-grown crops into a channel to be collected by a hopper and then picked up by a cart. The issue I've ran into, however, is that seeds do no seem to be planted by dispensers or droppers. The wiki says bone meal can be used on growing crops from dispensers, but is it possible to plant the crops from either device? This is my current setup:

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