What is the Golden Bee spawn rate?

  • What is the Golden Bee spawn rate? Geobits

    Has anyone confirmed the spawn rate for golden bees? I found several threads at various forums, but they all boil down to "just buy one".

    I know I can buy them, and did in my file. However, my 6 year old son wants to catch one. He just caught his first shiny Pokemon, so he knows what patience means. I'd just like to be able to give him a number if possible.

    Regarding duplicate status:

    I don't believe this is a duplicate at all. I asked a specific question not covered by either the question or answer in the linked one. "It appears randomly" is not a spawn rate, and I thought that was clear from my original question.

  • According to the Prima Guide, the spawn rate of a Golden Bee is 1/50.

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