Can you play Street Fighter 4 over LAN?

  • Can you play Street Fighter 4 over LAN? Inv3r53

    How to play Street Fighter 4 for PC on LAN?

  • Well it seems Capcom did the same thing as Blizzard which is not allowing people to LAN their game. However what i found out is that you can use tunneling to make LAN possible. One software for tunneling is hamachi.

    Here's a video guide

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  • download the Arcade Edition DLC, the game gives you the option to switch back and forth between playing on Super Street Fighter 4 or Arcade Edition. The leaderboards are separated among both versions. Will the achievements work when playing on Arcade Edition? Do they change if you play on Arcade Edition? Would taking some actions on Super Street Fighter 4 and others on Arcade Edition activate...In Super Street Fighter 4, there are many achievements that are linked to actions you take during gameplay. Some of these are: Fashion Plate: Even a top rate fighter needs to coordinate

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  • Just playing Street Fighter IV on the iPhone and lost to Dee Jay using Sagat and received the following taunt: "They say you are the king of tigers. Now I know why." I don't understand how this is supposed to be an insult, 'king of the tigers' sounds like a cool thing to be called, but why would it be appropriate if I just lost?

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  • I searched for Ryu's lastname and found that it is "Hoshi", but somehow I get the feeling this is only used in the "crappy" movie Street Fighter. Here are the sources I have found so far: Wikia, Wikipedia. The name is always listed under Action Movie or Live Action. Is Hoshi his "real" name as used by Capcom in the official Street Fighter Series? Perhaps Ryu has no lastname and Hoshi is only used for the movie.

  • I'm considering picking up Street Fighter IV on PC, and I'm wondering: Does the networked multiplayer allow PC users and PS3/Xbox users play together?

  • I'm trying to sign up for the Shoryuken forums to discuss Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the registration page asks me who the final boss of Street Fighter IV is to prove I'm not a computer. I've never played that game, so I don't know the answer.

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