How can i slow down Utawarerumono Mission Maps

  • How can i slow down Utawarerumono Mission Maps Memor-X

    I have Utawarerumono English Patch on my Windows 7 64-bit Desktop PC, when i'm in the mission maps it's quite fast, one of the mechanics is that you can perform combos by clicking at the right time when you make an attack indicated by a circle

    because the mission maps run quite fast there is very little time to even see the circle and while holding the Alt key can ensure that the combo hits in the tutorial it's said it's effectiveness is reduced (obviously to deter using the Alt Key to auto Combo), i've also noticed that when i do, people like Touka, Kuuran and Hakuro first deal about 70 damage in their first normal attack but attacks done via combos using the Alt key only do 1 Damage making it entirely useless

    I would like to slow Utawarerumono down so that i can pull off combos for Eruru as Eruru even though she only heals i have learned that her healing can be a combo aswell allowing me to heal my characters faster however just like attacking character, her combos using the Alt key will just heal 1 HP which is just as useless


    this is a screenshot on the ingame benchmark test enter image description here

    as for the specs of my PC, i can't find the paper which has them all written down and i can't remember what my graphics card is like however i have an i7 64-bit Processor overclocked to 4.2 GHz and 4 GB DDR3 Ram, if it's any consolation i can play Starcraft 2 at max settings and Skyrim at max settings minus anti-aliasing for shadows

    also, i know that it is more than the Battle Maps, after completing Normal last night the final scene which automatically plays while i was able to read all the text the voices were being cut off, while this could be thrown up as just the PS2's voices being incompatible with the PC release the final

    where Hakuro has been sealed and his mask is slowly falls to the ground and land in Eruru's hands

    you can hear the music skipping every now and again

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