What to do with the Naughty and Nice Winter Crates?

  • What to do with the Naughty and Nice Winter Crates? user63674

    Last year in Team Fortress 2, there was a random occurrence that you would get a Naughty or Nice Winter crate, which you could unlock with a specific key for that. This year, I have almost a full page of mixed naughty and nice crates, and I did get all of them this year, but noticed that in the shop there was no key for those crates. Are the keys available later or is it just an ordinary key that you buy?

  • The keys probably are not on sale yet. You will have to wait a little bit untail they are on the team fortress item store. It will probably say new on the store tab when you launch team fortress and then buy them for $2.50 each. So just wait a little bit.

  • Honestly, I would trade them. Seeing as many people would want them before the keys come out, so they can get unusual hats/strange weapons, I would sell them for about a reclaimed metal each on http://www.tf2outpost.com or http://www.trade.tf. Many people love festive items, and this is time to sell your unwanted crates.

  • Nothing. You cannot unbox those crates anymore, as the 2013 Winter Event has already expired.

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  • Some crates (like the Fall Crate) are supposed to be a limited time item, set to disappear at a given date and time. Yet those that acquired the crates during the event and didn't log back in the game still have these crates in their inventory, and can trade them. Provided that they would disappear the moment you log in TF2, is there any purpose in trading them besides collecting them? Is there still a way to open an expired Crate?

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  • According to the wiki, normal crates cost level x 400 coins. Depending on your level this could easily be in the thousands to ten thousands range. On the other hand, you can get crates as cargo, occupying a space of 1. Compared to an equivalent piece of cargo, the opportunity cost is in the 10-100 coin range. That's a bargain compared to buying crates. So perhaps when you have a glut of coins it makes sense, but in my experience I've always found ways to spend coins - new railroads, tracks, or special crates - so when does it ever make sense to purchase regular crates?

  • I've been playing a lot of this game lately and I've tried many things to keep alive while trying to get crates. I've tried spamming mines, but I never manage to have more than 4 at once. My only tactic is to get as many crates as I can while shooting anything that gets in my way. While this works for the first few crates, I find myself overrun with enemies or accidentally jumping into them. Any ways to stay alive while collecting crates?

  • I haven't had the chance to live through summer yet, but I wonder if the locations marked with mini glacier icons on map will still point to them come next winter. There are pengulls who are marked on map too, and they don't necessarily reappear in the same place, so I'd like to know if it's also a random spawn for mini glaciers.

  • I have a few crates in my inventory that I would like to open. I wondered if it was possible to have a pack of keys? I am not talking about trading. I'm talking about one item that gives me X keys. With sets, usually, the price is cheaper. I also wondered if there was a better time to another to get the keys. Is it be possible to obtain special? If so, is there a time of year in particular, or should I check the store frequently?