Does changing your name when you're dating affect the entire town?

  • Does changing your name when you're dating affect the entire town? Memor-X

    When I started dating Iroha, during the scene she says how she dreams of calling the person she is with by another name.

    When I went to change the name I though she was referring to her name being changed but when it came up with my name I just reconfirmed it (in other words saying I want my name changed to my exact same name).

    Now I am wondering: When Iroha (or any other girl if they do the same) asked if I wanted to be called something else, if I chose something more personal like "dear" or "honey" or even something not personal would the change only affect how she addressed me or also everyone else in town (ie. if i chose "Dear", Dunhil would start calling me "Dear" as well)?

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