How can I limit the area in which players spawn?

  • How can I limit the area in which players spawn? dlras2

    In the latest vanilla Minecraft server, spawn-protection and the radius in which players first spawn are identical. If, for example, I want to protect a 100-block-wide village around spawn, players without personally set spawn points will spawn anywhere in that 100x100 area. This is different from all of the documentation I see, which states spawning only occurs in a 20x20 area. Is there any way in the latest version to limit the area in which players spawn so that it is less than my spawn-protection area?

  • You could set the spawn point with MCEdit. Heres a video on how to do that. As requested i will summarize the video. 1. Open mcedit. 2. Click the move spawn point button. 3. Place the spawn point. 4. Save and exit.

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