Give and Go on NBA 2k11 Wii

  • Give and Go on NBA 2k11 Wii pgb

    I'm playing NBA 2k11 on a Wii, using a Classic Controller. On the Scrimmage help, it says that to perform a Give and Go, I need to hold L and R, and then pass using b. However, whenever I try that, it results in an Alley Oop pass (which is usually done by holding L and pressing b). Is there any setting I need to tweak?

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  • I've been playing NBA 2k11 in the Wii, and I've noticed several indicators appear near the players. So far, I've seen some that I can't understand their meaning: A number 3 (you can see it on Paul Pierce, from the Celtics) A strength bar Some other icons I can't even identify! Is there any online guide I can check to learn this?

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  • Yesterday I figured I would go back and work through some of the achievements I missed in MyCareer. With the NBA2K13 servers gone now, I figured this may be problematic. It appears some of them work with the online only VC (Virtual Currency) and some work with either VC or the offline SP (Skill Points). I was able to make the 'Now Playing' achievement pop by purchasing a pre-game ritual using SPs but not the 'NBA Cares' when I purchased the fans booster. Is there a list somewhere that mentions this?

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  • I would like to know what are the best defensive strategies to take on nba 2k11. Playing zones, man on man, double team traps, etc; or is it best to switch defenses through the game.

  • It appears MLB2K12 was not produced this year to work outside of the United States? I cannot find any reference to a PAL version for use here in Australia and also Europe. Last year 2K11 was available. This seems ridiculous especially considering NBA, NHL and NFL are all available in PAL as well. Why would they stop a whole audience region? Can anyone please prove me wrong?

  • NBA 2K11 vs. NBA 2K12 Mehper C. Palavuzlar

    What are the differences between NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12? Since NBA is still in lockout mode, I don't think there are any changes in team and player lists. What I wonder (as an NBA 2K11 gamer) is whether I'll feel any changes in terms of game play, graphics, modes, etc. if I buy 2K12.

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