Can all factions hear proximity voice chat?

  • Can all factions hear proximity voice chat? Rapitor

    Planetside 2 has a nifty feature of proximity voice chat. Everyone in an area can hear it, but my question is can other factions hear your voice as well? Often times I will use proximity to corral the entire force instead of just my squad and I don't want the enemies knowing the plan.

    If they do hear it how can you strategize a large force of multiple platoons/squads securely?

  • For better or worse, they cannot.

    I'd argue the best option for mass communication is /regionsay (/re) which is everyone in your faction in the same hex (available to everyone) or /orders, which is available to squad leaders that spend certs on the channel.

    You can communicate with other factions with /yell (/y), voice (V key) macros, and to a particular player with /whisper <PLAYERNAME> (/w).

    Here's a link to an SOE forum thread discussing the decision:

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