How to continue past the Nether?

  • How to continue past the Nether? SysDragon

    I've completed the Nether and reached the end (the sign) while digging. There is, apparently, no more things to do except buying the plane, which is very expensive.

    The next step is, then, amass a lot of "money" to buy the plane? Or I'm supposed to do anything else? I have the lava bucket, which maybe can be used to make the X potion.

  • Yes, you need to buy the plane to advance

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  • In Just Cause 2 there are a number of races which involve flying a plane around a course. However I find the keyboard controls (Shift/Ctrl for accelerate/decelerate, S to pitch the nose up and W to pitch down, and A and D to roll left and right) very hard to master - I was kind of hoping that it would behave like it did in the Battlefield series. Are there any mods to change the actual controls for flying the plane as the only aircraft mods are overpowered reskinned models of the planes already in the game. The game is the PC version, ran and updated through Steam to the latest version.

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