Minecraft PE 0.8.1 fails to load server

  • Minecraft PE 0.8.1 fails to load server callum

    My Nexus 4 (OS: Android) says "Unfortunately, Minecraft Pocket Edition has stopped." When I try to enter my actual server, which was made on my phone, it cuts of when Minecraft is loading terrain. All my other phones work though.

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  • I downloaded minecraft_server.jar from here, and made run.bat which content is java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui. It runs well, I can connect with typing my IP, but my friend (Windows Vista - 32bit) couldn't connect to my server, even though he can connect to my Apache web server. (not the connection problem) We had this problem months ago, and somebody told us the 32bit side (my friend) should open the server, and it worked. However, my friends said to me that his computer is cr*p, so he can't run minecraft server well and asked me to find the way running minecraft

  • I am setting up a new MineCraft server and would like to use Bukkit but when I try to connect with the client I get "IP Address lost connection" within the server window and within the client I get "Can't connect to server" even on the localhost. I completely turned off my Windows Firewall and am now getting java.netConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:" I set up vanilla Minecraft and that works fine. I have port forwarding on, although it wouldn't impact the localhost attempts. With vanilla MineCraft I can connect from another PC but Bukkit is getting the same

  • I just bought minecraft pe version 0.8.1 on my new samsung galaxy tab 3 that I got for xmas, the singleplayer worlds work fine, but when I try to connect to a server it doesn't work. My wifi and internet are both very fast, and the server I tried to connect to first is a server I go on, on my pc. I don't know if it doesn't work BECAUSE I use it on the pc but im still quite concerned. I tried another server but still doesn't connect. Everytime I try it comes up with: "can't connect to world". Please help!!

  • Okay, so for the past few weeks, I've had a problem with Minecraft. The problem is that when I play on a new server, I log in and everything is fine, but after about 4 or 5 minutes playing, the game kicks me from the server and I can't reconnect. In the server list, it says "Can't reach server" and when I try connecting to any server, the connection times out. I even asked my friend that has a server to look at the console of his server, and when I got kicked, it says connection lost, generic.reason. And when I try connecting to the server, my connection attempt doesn't even show up. Help!

  • I download minecraft_server.1.6.4.exe from Minecraft.net. I get Minecraft launcher 1.2.5. The Minecraft server says, "Starting minecraft server version 1.6.4 [INFO] Loading properties [WARNING] server.properties does not exist [INFO] Generating new properties file [INFO] Default game type: SURVIVAL [INFO] Generating keypair [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565 [WARNING] Failed... (The system cannot find the file specified)" Minecraft 1.6.4 is not an option in the profile editor, nor is, "use most recent version." Java is updated. I CAN get minecraft 1.6.2. ideas? Thanks

  • Is it possible for me to check what difficulty level is current set to on a vanilla (or almost vanilla) minecraft server? I do have my own server, and I know I can simply check the server.properties file and restart the server, but is there a way any other players (standard players or OPs) can check the current setting being used on a server? For example, say another OP changes the difficulty with the /difficulty command, how can I easily check this? I know I could search through the console output, but this isn't too easy with the server that I rent, and could other players determine

  • I have replaced my Vanilla server with a Bukkit server and installed (only) 2 plugins: WorldEdit and WorldGuard. Existing villages are still there, but new Villages are not generated. I know this is the case because I used a village finder to find villages, and I know it works right because I tested it on Vanilla and it was tested out as accurate. But now when I use the village finder and visit... in a different pattern. (same seed, but different server) Temporarily, I added a 3rd plugin, so that I can make NPC Villages on-demand. Can you suggest one of these solutions? Replace my 3rd plugin

  • I'm playing on a multiplayer server in Minecraft. When I sign out of the server and close the game, do I need to have all my items stored in chests, or will items in my inventory and armor I'm wearing still be there the next time I sign in to the same server? Thank you.

  • A group of friends wanted a Minecraft server to play together on, so I went ahead and deployed a VPS, and directed an A record titled play to the server's public IP address. I connected to the server via SSH using play.coffeehousecode.com as the hostname, and didn't encounter anything out of the ordinary, so I started a Minecraft Server instance, and the logs showed no problems to report. However, when trying to connect to the server using the Minecraft client, I receive an error stating that the Hostname couldn't be Resolved. I checked my DNS records to make sure everything checks out

  • My friend is on his Samsung Galaxy tablet, and I'm on my iPod 5th gen. It's not letting us be on the same server. We are both using the same WiFi. I have Minecraft PE and my friend has PE Lite. When I go to "join game" and click on his server name, it says locating server. But after a few moments it says could not connect to server and returns try again. Why isn't it letting me?

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