How can I change my character's league?

  • How can I change my character's league? machineaddict

    I wanted to play with my friends this game and on invite it kept saying that "the character is out of my league" even though we were the same level. I am in domination league and they are normal league. I guess I din't saw the league when I created my characters. I read here that there are different leagues and you can not join another league. That is pretty stupid considering the I have spent a few days building some characters.

    Question: Is there any way I can change my character's league? I want to move them from domination league to normal league.

  • There is no way to transfer a character between leagues "on demand". Generally speaking, you'll have to create a new character in the league your friends are in. Or they'll have to create one in yours.

    However, leagues can have rules concerning character transferral/demotion to a different league. This usually happens on the character's death (for hardcore leagues) and the season ending (for challenge leagues).

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