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  • Follower Missing in Skyrim VoiceIess

    So I use the PS3 version of Skyrim and I had my Dark Brotherhood initiate with me in the Tower of Mzark but she kept getting in the way when I was pushing buttons. So I asked her to wait on the path leading up to it. I accidentally left her there.

    When I realized she was gone I rushed back only to find her not there. I checked the DawnStar Sanctuary. She's not there either. I doubt she died. When I left her, she was stacked with armor and weapons fit to 3 hit a giant.

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  • Is there a way around the "losing your follower" bug on Skyrim? I've lost mine, and she isn't where I left her (at her home or mine). I know she isn't dead because she's one of the ones that cannot die. I've tried getting a new follower, but it won't let me. Any help?

  • I have completed the mission "Hard Answers for the Thieves Guild" story line but I think there might be a glitch. I've seen posts all over the internet with just about the same exact problem. She told me to meet her at the Ragged Flagon but she's not there, she's still at the Snow Veil Sanctum. When I went there she was glitched at the exit, I got her un-glitched and it did nothing! I play on the console (Xbox 360) so I cant break the quest.

  • had something on her mind), nothing more appeared. There was just one small message in the left corner stating that Serana is available for proposal. I can't marry her or anyone else in Skyrim because...I reset my Dawnguard DLC. I've played Dawnguard against vampires and when I was finished with the main quest, I downloaded the Serana marriage mod from nexus and married her, but I decided on give Dawnguard another run. So I turned it off and made a new save. I drop the ring of matrimony and everything that could connected me to Serana and this time I sided with the vampires. But when I finished

  • So I have a bugged quest were you get the Falmer writings for Karliah and talked to her at the Frozen Hearth. When she said to meet her at the ragged flagon entrance, I did and she wasn't there. I waited 5 days in-game and she still didn't show up. I made a new account and redid the quest and followed her and she ended up going back to the camp sight were you wake up after being poisoned. I'm on PS3. PLEASE HELP!

  • I just got lydia as a follower and have been doing some quest with her. I decided to give her my orcish armor so she can tank better for me but now i have a problem. Every time i dismiss her she Unequips her armor and is just naked. I tried taking away the orcish armor to see if see reverts back to her steel armor but it doesn't work she is still walking around nude. I have already try the disable, enable, and rest AI commands but it didn't solve the problem.

  • So, I've been replaying Skyrim and got up to the Taste of Death (the cannibal one) and have come across a strange bug. First time I played through, I cleared the cave without Eola but when it went to the next objective to speak to her, she kept atacking me! I managed to calm her with spells and got the next objected the kill the priest in Markarth, however, his body had already moved to the cave without me talking to him. Once again, when inside the cave, Eola attacked me and I couldn't search or feed from the priest's body. Anyone know a fix to this problem?

  • when I entered. But I've waited for days using the Wait option as well as traveling in and out of the building and back and forth from Riften, but she's never there. I've checked Whiterun Stables because I've heard about her default location sometimes glitching to being there but no luck. Is this a glitch? She's my follower as well as my wife so I sort of need to find her. ... Possible Duplicate: How do I deal with a runaway bride? I married Jenassa and chose to live at her house (I have to live there first then move to one of my own houses to get the Lover's

  • I cant find my spouse CorpsumingSouls

    After the wedding ceremony in Riften, before my wife left, I asked her where we should live. After I told her, me and her left and I can't find her at the house, OR at the Temple of Mara. Where can I find her?

  • In Utawarerumono, i'm up to the point where i'm now fighting Mecha and Eruru seems to be the only character who can heal, i am wondering if there is anyway i can heal her when she gets damages as she can't seem to target herself

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