skylanders swap force wii accessing 2 players

  • skylanders swap force wii accessing 2 players user64988

    How do you get 2 players on the wii? I get an error when I go into team survival saying I need 2 players, but can't find out where to add a player.

  • Make sure you are using both traditional remotes with nunchucks plugged in!!!! Hope this helps.

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  • I just bought my son the a Wii console and the Skylander Giants starter pack. The Wii came with a nunchuck but the skylander starter pack did not. When we chose battle mode the Wii said both players need nunchucks. Can he play battle mode with just one player?

  • . Is there some way to get into Wii mode on a Wii U without the sensor bar at all? I have wiimotes, classic controllers (pro and normal) and nunchucks, and a Wii U pro controller if any of that helps. ...I have a cat who finds the Wii sensor bar's cord irresistibly attractive, so the sensor bar stays in a drawer most of the time. However, when trying to start Wii mode on the Wii U, you're required to point the wiimote at the screen. Now I actually play wii 95% without the sensor bar anymore since most of what I play allows the classic controller, as does the UI. But it seems to not let me

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