How do I play NTSC region locked game in PAL xbox?

  • How do I play NTSC region locked game in PAL xbox? Maelyss

    My mum got me Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for xbox 360. The game is a NTSC and my xbox 360 is PAL. Is there a way to play the game WITHOUT getting me banned? Maybe a pc Emulator or something similar? I waited forever to play this game!

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  • I bought a PAL xbox 360 and now live in the USA (NTSC). So, how can I buy DLC or games from the Xbox marketplace (on the xbox) on a PAL system frmo a NTSC marketplace? Each time I try to buy a game it says the game is from a different region than the game.

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  • After bringing my European (Irish) XBox 360 to the US, I've found that my TV doesn't support PAL (except in black and white with PAL-60). Is there a way to make my XBox 360 output NTSC (such as by modding it, for example)? Alternatively, do converters exist to make this work?

  • When I try to play Chrono Trigger (US) on my European SNES (with the help of a converter cartridge called 'UA universal adaptor expert version') that's hooked up to a scart-to-hdmi converter device... that's doing this? Is it the monitor that's doing this? My monitor works perfectly with everything else (xbox, PC, ..) even with the same HDMI cable used. From what I read, that converter box 'automatically' switches between PAL and NTSC signal. Here is my setup: My PC monitor: My scart-to-hdmi converter upscaler box:

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  • I was 6-months in Japan and played Monster Hunter Frontier Online(who looks to be ip adress restricted game) with my hostfamilly' japanese ip adress and everything was perfect. Before coming back to Europe (France) i finally decided to buy a Xbox 360 NTSC-J console and MonsterHunter 's NTSC-J games hoping to play it again, i already have ms points/gold live -japan. Everything i bought (console, games, dlc, microsoft points and gold live) are legit. I contacted Microsoft Customer Service, and i was told that i am able to play it with a japanese ip adress only (they suggested me to use a vpn

  • I have recently acquired my sister's Wii(PAL) from Australia. I live in the Philippines(which is an NTSC region). She sent me a NBA 2k11 with the Wii(PAL) and I was hoping if I could play any NTSC... confused as to what I actually need to do. Some questions that are bugging me: I know only some of the games can be played in a PAL wii even after 'modding' it of some sort, but how do you actually mod it? Just download some software? They mentioned you might "brick" your Wii if NTSC updates get downloaded to your PAL Wii or vice versa. Will this render my Wii useless and is irreversible? I

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