Vader says 'Build another imperial level'. I've already built all 16. Is this a bug?

  • Vader says 'Build another imperial level'. I've already built all 16. Is this a bug? Mark

    As the title says I've been working through the Vader quests and now he's asking me to 'Build another Imperial level to find out what to assemble next!'. I've already built all 16 Imperial levels. Obviously I could skip the quest but that costs 100 Bux, and I would feel exceedingly ripped off to waste 100 Bux on what feels to me like a bug which could happen again.

    Have I reached the end of the quests, is that really what's happened here?

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  • With reference to Vader says 'Build another imperial level'. I've already built all 16. Is this a bug? If I spend 100 Bux skipping the impossible mission that Darth Vader is requesting (he wants another Imperial level built however all 16 are already built) will I just get the same mission again or is it random? I've seen mention of a 'No more quests' screen. I'd have expected these missions to be randomly generated, however neither situation makes sense when faced with an impossible mission. I'm running v1.2.1 on Android.

  • I really like playing death star but I have found a technical error which I find a little annoying. I have built all 16 imperial levels on the game yet I keep getting tasks that say build another imperial level to find out what to assemble next.. I can't even skip this task as it requires 100 buxs to skip it. This is definitely a check condition overlooked while testing..

  • I've gotten every level, both imperial and non-imperial; and I've completed every Vader mission. However, I still don't have all the characters. So my question is, how can I unlock all the characters and do so without using bux?

  • Is there a link for the latest update on Kindle Fire? I have searched the net, but haven't found anything except for Ipad and so on. So I don't have the Cargo Bay, and I can't proceed with the Imperial levels even though I have constructed the most recent one already (the imperial resources level still says I need to build another level which I have since done).

  • I have built 16/16 imperial levels, however the death Star behind the emperor is not complete (missing a small portion on the top). More disconcerting is that the imperial "mission" tells me I must build another imperial level in order to see what I must build next. It costs 100 bux to skip. Is this a bug, or is it simply wanting something from the "coming soon"future updates? Has anyone else experienced this or found a fix besides paying to skip (which may result in it happening again)?

  • Earlier today I started construction of a second Imperial Level (I had another under construction already). I just noticed that the title is different than normal. Specifically, I'm looking at why the second Imperial Level is called "Food", when it's clearly an Imperial Level (and specifically, that one is either Blast Doors or Droid Works).

  • So I build a service level like the man said I needed to do, but he still won't let me get the credit and give me another mission. Now I've build 2 service levels thinking maybe he wanted me to keep building them but I don't think that's it. I built a workout center, and no credit. Then I built a millennium expr, and still no credit. It just says the same thing "according to my design you need 1 service level." It doesn't say 'collect' or anything like it did the last 5 missions I've done. Also I didn't choose those 2 specific levels, I just hit service and the game choose

  • I have 9 Imperial levels, tons of inventory as I kept them producing, and always sent anyone who wanted to go to a residential level down to speed up production. Finished the last quest, and now it says that there are no more quests. That is ridiculous, I should not run out of quests before I have constructed all the Imperial levels. I was enjoying the cash bonus for each complete quest (last one netted me 209k in coin). Without these imperial quests, half of the gameplay is gone, and I have no reason to build more imperial levels. Please tell me this is a bug

  • Anyone else get this message from vader? Yesterday I tried to move a bit to another job and when I hit the job button under him I got this message from vader. No big deal, but I've built 2 new jobs since then and I still get this message. The problem is I have no unemployed bitizens. So now I have these new jobs and I have 10 bits that I could choose from that have the 2 new jobs as there dream job but when I try and move them from there current job I keep getting this create more jobs message from vader. Sorry for the bad explanation. My question is, has anyone else had this and if so

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