Is there a way to constantly track one players jumping activity

  • Is there a way to constantly track one players jumping activity Vethor

    I made these commands

    this command sets a ver to count all jumps by all players

    /scoreboard objectives add didjump stat.jump particular player Jumps

    this command sets up a var to use as a display

    /scoreboard objectives add trackjump dummy trackjump

    this command adds one to each player that has already jumped and puts it in the display var

    /scoreboard players add @a[score_didjump_min=1] trackjump 1

    this command only happens in sequence after the above command goes off; it removes the jump from the last count so that the total doesn't increment constantly unless the player is still jumping

    /scoreboard players remove @a[score_didjump_min=1] didjump 1

    Then I display that score on the list board when you hold tab, however I ONLY want a specific player to be tracked and am unsure how to write the commands, so far I have tried to modify the @a in the above commands and it then tracks the players name with an @ sign in front of it not the player itself.

    Any suggestions?

  • Ok so having slept on it I have a solution. I am going to create a new dummy objective as a flag var and give a value to it for only that player. I will then use this in the test globally

    /scoreboard players add @a[score_thisplayeronly_min=1,score_didjump_min=1] trackjump 1

    and only that player will have the trackjump increased and so it will only display for that player as no one else will have a score in the var.

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