I do not know how to sell my cars on GTA 5?

Awesomeness BJ
  • I do not know how to sell my cars on GTA 5? Awesomeness BJ

    I can play all 3 people on GTA 5 and I hate their cars I would like to know where I have to sell them and how to sell them.

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  • If you buy say custom cars and planes can you ever sell them? I have tried to sell them at customs shops but if they're over $50,000 you cant sell them there.

  • , vehicles that Simeon doesn't want and you can't bring to him or steal and sell. The Dinka Double T is one of the cars blocked by a symbol. I have not brought a Double T to Simeon but I was able to buy one from the website and have it delivered. Does anyone know why certain vehicles have symbols over them? ...If you go to each of the websites for buying vehicles, (Warstock, Elitas, Legendary, etc.) Some of the vehicles on each site have a symbol instead of a picture of the vehicle. For the cars from Los

  • Does anyone know which cars can be made your "personal car" by stealing? Or which ones can't? Out of them, is there a "best" non purchased car in terms of speed/acceleration/the usual? EDIT: I'm making a list over here, feel free to contribute: GTA Online - Which stolen cars can you bring to LS Customs? Corollary: has anyone made a list of their sell prices?

  • How do i uninstall disc 2 only from GTA V? When i go to unistall is it says Saved Game GTA 0 Gta 1 Gta 2 GTA 3 Which one conatains the things from disc 2? I dont want to delete the wrong thing

  • Recently GTA 5 has been restarting my game at the mission with Trevor where he is finding Michael. Now when I click play game on GTA 5, I get a notification to download game again. How do I do this and will I lose my game progress?

  • I have an apartment with a 10 car garage. I have purchased 6 expensive cars and stored them in my garage, 4 of them I need to sell! I want to buy a different apartment and I don't want to lose the cars I have. How do I sell the expensive cars I have already bought? Is there a garage option for this? I know I can't sell them to Los Santos Customs.

  • Back in GTA 4, a car would have a weak spot that can make it blow up in a few shots. I haven't figured it out yet in GTA 5, anyone manage to find a weak spot ?

  • Are you able to sell cars offline? I have tried with all different types of cars but it won't let me.

  • In GTA 5 there is a large VINEWOOD sign like there where in GTA San Andreas. On the GTA 5 version of the sign VIEWOOD, there is a graffiti with 69. What is the meaning of this number? I know its an Easter Egg of some sort, but what it means, I dont know.

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