is there anyway to reset my stats in black ops 2

  • is there anyway to reset my stats in black ops 2 user66008

    How do you reset your stats if youre a prestige master and you already used your prestige awards? I already tried checking the barracks for something but no luck, please help!

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  • If you reset all stats, does that reset you to level 1 no prestige or will you have no stats and be level 1 on first prestige?

  • I've recently picked up on MW2 again and am planning to go prestige soon-ish. I've stayed at lvl 70 to complete achievements like headshots etc (as I already had quiet some progress on them). I know there are prestige specific titles, some are related to a specific prestige stage. My question now is: can I level to prestige 10, 70 and then start working on my achievements, collecting all titles? I would expect getting achievements on a higher prestige would account for the achievement on a lower prestige? (like if you complete the single player campaign on veteran, you also get

  • I understand that one of the three options when you prestige is to reset all stats, but you can also use a prestige token to permanently unlock some weapon/perk - so my question is: When you reset your stats upon prestiging, will that also remove the permanently-unlocked weapon/perk that you unlocked with a prestige token? I ask because I have an awful K/D, so I want to reset upon hitting 55, but I also want to permanently unlock a weapon.

  • When you do a prestige reset do you lose all history of your completed challenges? Do you get to re-do challenges for points? I'm interested in both knowing what challenges I have completed or not completed in my entire career, and whether I'll be able to get the points for them again when I go prestige.

  • Do you lose your prestige unlock token if you select a prestige reward and vice versa? A couple of friends have been telling me that you do. When you prestige, can you get a prestige reward AND a permanent unlock, or is it just one of the two?

  • Possible Duplicate: How do you reset saved multiplayer progress in Portal 2? GLaDOS mentions a few lines as you and your cooperative testing partner in science unlock areas. Once you progress past a stage, those lines are never again played. If you play with somebody who has full access, you never hear any. Is it possible to reset one's coop progress?

  • but it never seemed like PC players were able to. Some people say that you need to be at level 50 so she would be unlocked -- I think they're talking about Brotherhood. But I've seen videos of people less than 50 and were playing as Courtesan and I've already gotten past level 50 once and am currently at level 40 -- working my way to prestige -- and I have yet to be able to choose her. She... seen a player online and they were using the Cortesan! They've prestiged once already (at level 48 and about to prestige again) so I'm guessing I must prestige once before she's available? Or maybe

  • When you reach level 50 you can do a reset of your level and unlocks. Do you get to keep your burn cards, or do you lose them too?

  • From what I understand, all unlocks are obtained in Black Ops through purchasing with CoD Points, which are obtained from leveling. In Modern Warfare 2, unlocks are available by getting certain amounts of kills with certain weapons. Which is a better system for a completionist? Will the CoD Points system restrict me from getting every weapon, perk, etc. in the game? Does prestige reset both your weapons and CoD Points?

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