If you catch a Pokémon does your chances of meeting it in the wild increase?

  • If you catch a Pokémon does your chances of meeting it in the wild increase? rom016

    I caught a Pickachu, and retrieved it form the box at the Pokémon Centre. I returned to Santalune Forest and the next several Pokémon were more often Pikachu. 10 Pikachu to 10 non Pikachu. I thought they were supposed to be rare; they certainly were before I caught one.

  • Not normally, however, when you have a Pokemon with the ability Static in the lead, your chances of encountering electric type Pokemon increases to 150%.

    If Pikachu's encounter rate is for example is 10%, it becomes 15%.

    If your Pikachu isn't in the lead when you saw the other Pikachu, then you were just lucky :)

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  • I've just caught a Pikachu in Santalune Forest, and I couldn't help noticing that it said its name, instead of the electric buzzing of other games.. However every other Pokémon that I have run into so far still uses their standard 'cry'. Has any other Pokémon been given a named cry? If so, what are they?

  • I've been enjoying the new Pokémon Trozei game ("Link Battle" outside the US - one of the few occasions where I feel the US name is better!) But one thing that's been frustrating me is the unlocks of certain Pokémon. In many cases, it is enough to just flawlessly capture the Pokémon before it with a supereffective Scatter attack and that will usually meet some condition, but then there are others, like Dedenne: Have Pikachu as a partner Pokémon I would never have guessed that! Is there any in-game way of finding out unlock requirement, or does it just rely on lucky guesses or looking

  • According to Bulbapedia, when you uncover a (!!) bush on the Pokewalker, you can find either a Group B Pokemon or a Group A Pokemon for that route, while a (!!!) bush always gives you a Group A Pokemon. For example, on Yellow Forest a Group B Pokemon are Pikachu with Flail and Pikachu with Volt Tackle, while the Group A Pokemon are Pikachu with Surf and Pikachu with Fly. However, I've caught about six Pikachu now from (!!) bushes and they're all Group B (Pikachu with Volt Tackle). I haven't seen a single (!!!) bush, either. Can a (!!) bush really produce a Group A Pokemon?

  • In Pokémon Ash Grey, The story closely follows that of the Anime, including for example, the situation with Spearow in the very first episode, that formed the close bond between Pikachu and Ash. The game is fairly similar to the other official games, including random encounters in grass. After getting to Viridian City, you can then re-visit Route 1, to train or capture Pokémon. However, all I've managed to run into so far are Spearow, and one Pidgey (which I caught). Are these the only Pokémon in the area? Or does the game allow all pokemon seen on that route in the Anime to be caught

  • I'm having a very hard time obtaining a light ball. As far as I know, sometimes Pikachu hold them, at a rate of 5%. If a pokemon with Compound Eyes is in the lead, this jumps to 60%. I've caught 38 pokemon using a lead with Static. I've caught 4 using a lead with Compound Eyes I've Thief'ed 5 with Compound Eyes. No light ball. This Yahoo Answers says it's unobtainable. However, I've seen folks in GTS with pikachus carrying the light ball. Any ideas? Is it obtainable?

  • Is there any legitimate way to acquire a Light Ball in Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 or White 2? Wild Pikachu can be found carrying a Light Ball, but no Pikachu are encountered in Pokémon Black/White or Black/White 2. Pikachu can be transferred over from an earlier game (e.g. Pokémon Platinum), but items cannot. According to Bulbapedia, the Light Ball doesn't appear on any Dream World route or in the game Pokémon Dream Radar, and the Treasure Hunter on Route 13 doesn't give out Light Ball. Is the Light Ball event-only in Gen V, or is there another way to find it without cheating?

  • My Pokémon White cartridge has Hydreigon as Caught, which means that at one point I had one. It's not there any more, and I kind of need it. I can't find it in any of my PC boxes, or in my current party. It's not at the daycare. I didn't trade it. I only have one other cart and it only has Hydreigon as Seen, not Caught, so it can't be there. I didn't release it. I never release Pokémon. It can't have evolved. Hydreigon is the final evolution of its line. I don't think I traded it to friends or online. I don't think there are any in-game trades that accept Hydreigon, but I could be wrong

  • In Pokémon World Online I have been trying to catch a Pikachu for like 2 hours and I haven't had any luck yet. Is there a fast way to go about it?

  • Someone on a trading group offered me an 'Event Pikachu', which was a Pikachu that knows Surf (normally impossible to teach to Pikachu). Unfortunately it was a previous Generation's Event, and as such doesn't count as a 'Kalos-Born' Pokemon for tournaments/rating battles and the like. So assuming I got a hold of it, could I breed this Pikachu to get a Kalos-born Pikachu with Surf?

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