Why is steam wrong in its game count?

  • Why is steam wrong in its game count? Meraj99

    Referring to this image, steam says I have 11 games in total and 10 installed. However, if you count them (Yes, I have counted them a million times.), you get 12 total and 11 installed.

    What's wrong? Also, for a fact: I haven't got the badge for 10 games owned, but I have it for 5 games owned.

  • Dota 2 Test is not counted in the first case. Test and Beta versions of games don't count as games, so there is 12 entries, only 11 games.

    Free-to-play games/free trials are not counted in the second.

  • Like all above there are f2p games you must have downloaded another f2p game and uninstalled it. If you download a f2p game your account will count it in the games that you own even if you uninstall it. I have 280ish games but my account also counts some (not all) f2p games just the ones i have downloaded and tryed so it makes my game count go into the 300's.

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