Hiring Bitizens with Panna City Medicines as their dream job

  • Hiring Bitizens with Panna City Medicines as their dream job RAFJR

    I've unlocked the Panna City Medicines way back in December 2013. I have added 18 residential levels with two vacant slots each to increase my chance of finding a Bitizen with Panna City Medicines dream job. It's been 5 weeks and I've never seen any... Do they exist or just uncommon?

  • They don't exist yet, probably have to wait for a future update

  • Yes I agree. On other sites Disney has commented on this issue and have stated that they are aware of the situation and plan to update soon.

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  • Has anyone gotten a bitizen whose dream job is Panna City Medicines? I haven't seen one yet despite having evicted and gotten a significant number of bitizens since I got PCM.

  • I've just gotten the reward for 35 decorations but it just occurred to me I've yet to see any bitizen with Panna City Medicines dream job. Or do they only trigger when you unlock the shop?

  • In Dream House Days, when you view a tenant's details, tap on Trait, then tap on Job, you get a list of all the available jobs you currently know and that tenant's likelihood of getting that job when he or she applies for it. I have seen the percentages for some jobs increase after a while while some jobs stay at a very low chance. What factors change the job chance of a tenant?

  • I can no longer see the scenes or levels. Also the bitizens log is empty. It seems to reset every time on opening; asks if I want to allow push notifications each time; plays the music even when I've set it to no music. When the bitizens with question marks appear it shows a message (scenes opened if delivered to correct level). It tells me I've achieved awards every time - such as the dream job achievement and having over $100,000. Can this be fixed? If so, how? It happened on my phone (had to reset) so started from scratch on my Nexus 7. 62 floors/85 bitizens so would rather

  • I'm hoping someone can point out the flaw in the following observation, and that the game works a little better than I'm thinking right now. Before the Christmas decorator droid bonuses, getting all the levels of businesses and residences balanced the number of bitizens and the number of jobs. The Christmas decorator droid bonus of Panna City Medicines adds jobs, but there's no way to add residences. Therefore, if you're at the max, you have no way to fill all your jobs; you're going to come up 3 bitizens short. What have I overlooked in getting these jobs staffed? TIA.

  • I experienced the reset bug several times and my decorated levels were stripped (including when I had about 29 levels done ..so close!!!) so I was unable to unlock panna city meds. Does anyone know if it will be possible to unlock this level some other way? I have special boba fett, but no level to match him with :,(

  • Most of the times I try to put a worker to his dream job the game crashes, this doesn't happen every time. I have managed to get 1 worker to his dream job but the rest of them just makes the game... the game to crash is assigning some workers to their dream jobs. It doesn't happen with all the workers, I have been able to assign some of them to their dream job, but some others just cause the game to crash. It is character dependant since when I try to assign the same character to its dream job, it crashes again.

  • Anyone else get this message from vader? Yesterday I tried to move a bit to another job and when I hit the job button under him I got this message from vader. No big deal, but I've built 2 new jobs since then and I still get this message. The problem is I have no unemployed bitizens. So now I have these new jobs and I have 10 bits that I could choose from that have the 2 new jobs as there dream job but when I try and move them from there current job I keep getting this create more jobs message from vader. Sorry for the bad explanation. My question is, has anyone else had this and if so

  • does anybody understand the order they put the bits in when you hit the star icon in bits menu? On TT it would mean dream jobs but in TDS it's in no order what so ever. I have 4 dream job bits and they are mixed up in the order.

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