Pokemon Reborn first gym?

  • Pokemon Reborn first gym? ws04

    What is the easiest way to beat the first gym in Pokemon Reborn? I eventually got through it by some luck and sheer save bashing, but was there an easier way?

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  • I just defeated the 4th Gym Leader in Pokemon Black 2, and I want to head out towards the 5th Gym. But when I go to Route 5 there are trainers who are battling, so I can't get past. The other way (Route 16), the elevator is broken. How can I escape Nimbasa City?

  • I'm currently playing pokemon soul silver and I just discovered that you can actually rematch gym leaders. But the problem is the time and date in my nintendo ds isn't currently set to my current time. So what I'm planning to do is to change its time and date until I get all the contact numbers of the gym leaders so I could re-battle them. Is this possible? Won't it mess up my save data? Thanks in advance!

  • challenging, higher level Pokemon, and more held items. Are the changes universal or limited to mostly important NPCs (gym leaders, Team Plasma leaders etc)? How does the AI improve? Does it swap Pokemon more often or is it mostly better move choices? Are all the Pokemon in the game higher level or just the trainers you battle throughout the game? What sort of held items does it unlock for the enemy? Does it increase the chance of wild Pokemon having a held item?

  • Do the weather effects in Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn affect elemental damage, creature strengths and behavior? I recall that in Final Fantasy XII, weather played an important role in elemental damage, the spawn rate of elementals and entities, and also the behavior of specific monsters.

  • How do you challenge the 5th gym leader again? He's not there, so I can't do so.

  • I am playing Pokemon Crystal on an emulator (visual boy advance). I've made it to the Kanto region and got as far as Cerulean City and got stuck at the gym. I went to the power plant and normally the manager says the generator is missing a part. In my game the manager say it's running fine and gives me a TM. I go back to the Cerulean Gym and there is no Team Rocket member waiting for me and the gym is empty. I can strangely pickup the machine parts that should have been needed for the power plant. I believe my game events are messed up. Other evidence: The mimic girl in Saffron City who

  • I am fighting in the second Gym, against Herdier, who keeps using Take Down against my Pokemon. It tends to kill or almost kill my Pokemon. I would really like to beat this Gym - is there anything that I can do to keep from dying?

  • In Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen, you get badges for defeating Gym Leaders, just like in any other Pokemon game. However, upon receiving the badges, it sometimes tells you that a stat of all of your Pokemon has been raised. Supposedly, the Boulder Badge gives raises your Pokemon's Attack, the Thunder Badge raises your Pokemon's Speed, the Soul Badge raises your Pokemon's Defense, and the Volcano Badge raises your Pokemon's Special Attack and Special Defense. Additionally, according to Bulbapedia, the respective gyms in the Johto and Hoenn regions also give your Pokemon the same

  • I cannot beat Mossdeep gym leaders. Psychic with Earthquake just oneshot kills my Pokemons, that are slower than enemies and even my most powerful Pokemon make very little dent for Claydol and that before it uses Light screen. Their Pokemon Lineup is: Claydol LV. 41 and Xatu LV. 41 Lunatone LV. 42 and SolRock LV. 42 Mine: Spheal Lv.30 Surf, Ice Ball, Body Slam, Aurora Beam Sableeye Lv.34... Girafarig Lv. 37 Batton Pass, Confusion, Stomp, Agility I have also few Pokemon that are pretenders in Lineup to change them (above team is not my default I made to defeat leader): Torkoal Lv. 34

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