Minecraft Server 1.7.4 blank

  • Minecraft Server 1.7.4 blank user67509

    So I'm trying to make a little lan server (or server with hamachi) and one of my friends can't join (other people have been able to though). I've been looking for solutions and I came upon one where it says to check on the server file. The thing is that my server program is not showing any info. So, is this a problem that prevents my one friend from joining? If so, how do I fix this? If it isn't the problem, what else might cause the problem?

    More Info:

    My computer is Windows 7 and my friend's is Windows 8

    whenever he tries to connect it says "failed to connect to server"

    the server.exe is 1.7.4

    we are both using 1.7.4

    this does not happen when someone else tries to connect with me

minecraft-server hamachi
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