Where do I find all of the Daedric quests and artifacts in Skyrim?

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  • I have ALL the perks for enchanting (100) ALL the perks for smithing (100) and all the perks for destruction (100 again) yet I can only enchant my daedric helmet with fortify destruction to 15%. I want to do the thing where you can get 100% fortify destruction if you doi it on four peices of apparel, however I don't know what I am doing wrong :(

  • Possible Duplicate: How can I find a lost item? I have been searching for every rare weapon in skyrim Xbox 360 elite. I had the ebony blade (daedric) and either dropped it in my home, put it in one of my chests or put it on a weapon rack and it has now disappeared. Please help and if you know a way to get two either would help. It looks like a katana.

  • to miss the perks of several quests? (There is also a Daedric Quest where you must lead a Follower to death, which would be null and void unless I wanted poor Cosnatch dead.) Or am I missing an obvious...So I married Cosnatch, the drunk brawler from Markarth, and am quite happy with my choice. He is hilarious and good to have around in battle. However, as I continue with quests and faction storylines, I am noticing that occasionally the reward is that you can take on another follower from time to time. (Ex. Cicero in the Dark Brotherhood) I do not wish to off my husband, but when I ask him

  • Possible Duplicate: Is there a definitive 'Best Weapon' for each weapon type in Skyrim? I am about to make the Daedric sword in skyrim and I want to know if it is worth it. I have made a ton of iron daggers in the game to get my smithing level high enough to make the Daedric sword and armor but I don't want to have this weapon when there could be 10 swords that are stronger than it.

  • I know once I managed to find the screen, I need to find it again and forgot where it is! Can anyone help me?

  • I just found the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, but unfortunately it is behind a locked door that cannot be picked. So I have to find the key if I want to get the Daedric artifact from Mehrunes Dagon. Where can I find this key and what quest is it connected to? Is this the typical Daedric Shrine where I perform a quest and get an artifact as a reward?

  • I've finished the main campaign in Clash of Heroes (iPhone version) and am now tidying up the side quests. On the Irollan world map there was a stat saying "8/12" I did everything i could find in Irollan (puzzles and bounty fights), and when i went back to the bounty hunter to get the last reward i got a popup saying "All side quests completed" or words to that effect. But, when i go back to the world map, Irollan has the completion stat saying "11/12". So, my question is - what else do i need to do to get up to 12/12? Is there anything besides side quests that gets this stat up? cheers

  • As the title says I've been working through the Vader quests and now he's asking me to 'Build another Imperial level to find out what to assemble next!'. I've already built all 16 Imperial levels. Obviously I could skip the quest but that costs 100 Bux, and I would feel exceedingly ripped off to waste 100 Bux on what feels to me like a bug which could happen again. Have I reached the end of the quests, is that really what's happened here?

  • I've done one of 2 quests but now I just can't find any I go to cities and I never see any quests. Where are they, how do I find them?

  • where is barla von? Dennis Khuraijam

    Possible Duplicate: After repelling the Citadel attack, can I complete quests where the quest giver is missing? I met him in the citadel bank and he asked me to rescue some stranded mercs which I did in the dranek system, after which I was told to come back to him. I returned to citadel after the coup by cerberus. And even though the map shows barla von at number 1 near the bank in map, there is nothing but bullet marks in his place? What do I do?

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