Could some AI Racers be Undercover cops?

  • Could some AI Racers be Undercover cops? SNag

    In NFS Rivals, as a cop, I can choose an undercover car that resembles those of the racers. While playing as a racer myself (especially offline), I've often wondered if any of the AI racers that I meet in the world could infact be undercover cops. Especially because taking on some of them on a head-to-head challenge seems to drive me straight into a hornet's nest full of cops in wait. And many times, it seems the cops are only trying to attack my car while sparing the AI racer.

    Is the concept of an undercover cop only available for human racers in multiplayer mode? Or is it possible for an AI racer (during offline play) to be an undercover cop? If yes, how can I tell?

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