How can I make the latest version of skyrim work with my 3 monitors?

  • How can I make the latest version of skyrim work with my 3 monitors? Solignis

    I have been looking into how I can make Skyrim support my 3 monitors in nVidia surround mode. Though I have hit a snag.

    I was able to find many people talking about how there are fixes that work. Most people refer to this link.

    It seems Hayden's patch is the one everyone likes.

    The problem is his patch tool stopped supporting Skyrim at v1.6.89.0. They stopped patching the game at 1.9.x so I am thinking that tool will not work for me.

    So my question is simple. How can I make Skyrim work on my 3 monitor setup? I have all of the DLCs for the game too, any fix has to work with the whole game.

    Any suggestions?

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