Vim Adventures level 14

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    Ok, I managed to hit all the bushes and talk to all the characters in lorem, and got undo, and have copied the 3 words into registers. Now I'm at a loss as to what to do next...

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  • Can you unlock all ability achievements (e.g. overload the shields of 100 enemies) with all classes? My character doesn't have some of the abilities, so does telling your squad member to perform it count?

  • I want to complete all extras in Okami. But I cannot sure to have found all. So I want to ask, how much Praise you can gain in the game? If I get this, I know I found all stuff. I don't really want a walkthrough, because I want to find the things myself.

  • I am after the Did at all achievement which states complete all side missions. I have completed all the side missions apart from killing terramorphous. I am level 34 and not strong enough to take on terramorphous. I obviously don't want to do all the side missions again, do they stack between play throughs? So in the vault hunter mode play through all I have to do is kill terramorphous for the Did it all achievement, since I did all the other side missions in my normal play through.

  • Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to maximize all the skills and gain all the perks? I was wondering if it was possible to max out all skills, perks or there's a max level so you'll have to choose wisely ?

  • In the three stages of development you can move three sliders up and down. This will affect the time preview of each step along the bottom. My questions: Are the sliders relative, that is if all three sliders where at max is that the same as all three sliders at 50% (or some other equal value) or Are the absolute in that you will spend a longer time in all three, thus creating more dev and tech points, but the stage taking longer to complete? If the second is true why not be maxed out all the time unless you need cash now?

  • I am trying to join my little brothers modded LAN world I have all the mods and all but one problem is I can't connect. I did the whole Windows+R thing and typed cmd, checked the internet IP, tried connecting and all but for some reason it still won't work.

  • I'm playing Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings in multiplayer mode over local network with my wife. It's all great, but I can't find a way to choose "Earth". Does anyone know how to do so, or if its even possible?

  • I just beat Puzzle Quest 2--at least, I think I did. I have beaten all side quests (except the repeating 'loot the chest' one), and beaten all main quests. I got the 'ending' of 'we must remain vigilant' or such. Is this really all there is to the game? Am I missing something? It keeps showing me a main quest trying to send me down to the place where I loot chests--but nothing more. Am I done?

  • All the clue says is, an import to Japan, "it stung of Coriander and billowed aroma of Citrus". I need 100 units of this, but I don't know the recipe.

  • I haven't obtained any piñata parties in few days. Does it require all worlds unlocked before a piñata party unlocks?

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